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Expert Solutions for Sewer Backups: Sewer Cleaning Experts to the Rescue!

If your sewer has ever backed up on you, there are a few things you might know.  You know that it is better NOT to have your sewer back up on you, and you are also probably familiar with the infamous “snake.”  

There are several reasons sewers back up, each of which is very logical and pretty simple to understand.  Water flows downhill.  Sewers are sloped downhill.  If your sewer stops flowing, there is either something obstructing the line or there is a spot where the water has to go uphill to get by.  Friction also plays a part in the journey of waste from your house to the city sewer.  You want as little friction as possible.  

We have all the tools necessary to deal with each of these types of issues.  We have auger cables (snakes).  We have hydro-jetters which use a blast of high pressure water to clear your line.  And we have specialized cutting equipment designed to smooth the insides of old iron drain pipes to reduce the friction as waste travels through them.  Rest assured, if it can be cleaned, we can do it.  

Sewer backups are very unpleasant situations and they usually happen at the worst time.  However, if you do find yourself in this unpleasant situation we are here to help.   We will respond quickly to your call and make you a top priority.  We can get someone out to clean and sanitize the mess right away.  We’ll get your line flowing again and then we’ll inspect your line to determine exactly what caused your backup and how to ensure that it never happens again.

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