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The Salt Lake City area is full of charm.  The Avenues, Marmalade, Sugarhouse, Holladay, all of these areas have beautiful older homes.  But, with older homes comes older plumbing.  The older plumbing in these homes can include galvanized steel water and drain lines, cast iron drains, and clay sewers.  Each of these things carries with it its own set of issues.  Often, these issues aren’t noticeable until it’s too late.   

You can’t see inside your pipes to inspect their condition, can you?  The answer is yes, you can.  These days good plumbers have cameras that allow us to see inside your drain lines.  We can see inside lines as small as an inch and a half in diameter and that will travel all the way out to the city sewer connection.  Cameras are a great way to take a proactive approach to plumbing issues.  Catch issues before they surprise you on Thanksgiving weekend when your whole family is over for dinner because we all know that plumbing issues never happen at a good time.  Before you buy your next house, or even if you’re just curious about the condition of your plumbing, have us out to do a thorough inspection.  We’ll leave you with a digital record and Peace of mind.

If your sewer has ever backed up on you, there are a few things you might know.  You know that it is better NOT to have your sewer back up on you, and you are also probably familiar with the infamous “snake.”  

There are several reasons sewers back up, each of which is very logical and pretty simple to understand.  Water flows downhill.  Sewers are sloped downhill.  If your sewer stops flowing, there is either something obstructing the line or there is a spot where the water has to go uphill to get by.  Friction also plays a part in the journey of waste from your house to the city sewer.  You want as little friction as possible.  

We have all the tools necessary to deal with each of these types of issues.  We have auger cables (snakes).  We have hydro-jetters which use a blast of high pressure water to clear your line.  And we have specialized cutting equipment designed to smooth the insides of old iron drain pipes to reduce the friction as waste travels through them.  Rest assured, if it can be cleaned, we can do it.  

Sewer backups are very unpleasant situations and they usually happen at the worst time.  However, if you do find yourself in this unpleasant situation we are here to help.   We will respond quickly to your call and make you a top priority.  We can get someone out to clean and sanitize the mess right away.  We’ll get your line flowing again and then we’ll inspect your line to determine exactly what caused your backup and how to ensure that it never happens again.

Sometimes sewer lines can be cleaned, and sometimes they can’t.  There are times when drain cleaning equipment just isn’t enough and you need a sewer repair.  Salt Lake CIty’s Urban Forestry department does a great job making the streets beautiful by lining them with trees, however these trees can be very tough on sewer lines.  Sometimes root intrusions can actually cause old clay sewer lines to break.  Clay is brittle and has little flexibility.  With enough pressure, the pipe will crack.  Maybe you’re just sick of having to clean the tree roots out of your line every 6-9 months and it’s time to explore a permanent solution.  If this is the case, we can help.  

With hundreds of sewer repairs and replacements under our belt we know how to get the job done efficiently and with as little disruption to your yard and your lifestyle as possible.  We have the right equipment to locate the exact problem area and make a repair that will last.

Tired of cleaning your sewer every 6-9 months?  Have you had a backup that ruined your basement and NEVER want to experience that again?  It may be time to explore sewer line replacement.  Often, it is possible to make a simple repair, but there are times when repairs just don’t make sense or maybe you just want the peace of mind that comes with a complete replacement.  Tree roots are not the only reason for sewer issues but they are definitely the most common in our area.  If you have several root intrusions in your sewer it definitely makes more sense to replace the line rather than make several smaller repairs, especially these days when trenchless sewer replacement has made the whole process so much easier and less disruptive to your yard and your lifestyle.  

We have the ability to do both traditional and trenchless replacements.  We can do pipe bursting, cure-in-place sewer liners, horizontal boring, and complete excavations.  We are licensed and bonded to perform work in the street and we always include permits and inspections with the appropriate municipalities.  Our sewer line replacements come with a lifetime parts and labor warranty so if you’re ready to NEVER worry about your sewer again, we’re here for you.

There are places where the city sewer main is above the grade of homeowner basements.  Because drainage functions on the principle on gravity and needs to slope downward, this used to mean that you couldn’t have plumbing in the lower levels of your home.  Due to its mountain terrain, Park City and the surrounding areas face this issue a lot.  However, today that isn’t the case.  Sewage ejector pumps make it possible to put plumbing just about anywhere.  

Due to the nature of its job, it’s important that your ejector pump functions properly.  We perform sewage ejector pump service so if yours goes out, we can be there right away to make a repair or replacement.

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