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Backflow devices, commonly referred to as check valves, are an important function by preventing contaminated water from mixing with our culinary water supply.  They are required by most municipalities these days.  Backflows are pretty out of sight, out of mind and you may forget to winterize your sprinkler system.  This can cause them to freeze and rupture during the winter.  If this happens to you we can repair or replace your unit the same day you call.  

Your stop and waste valve is part of the winterization process for your sprinkler system.  This is where your water service line branches out to supply your sprinkler system.  The valve should be shut off during the winter to prevent your sprinkler lines from freezing.  When you shut it off it has a small hole that allows the water in the line to drain out into the ground.  Over the years this valve can wear out and stop functioning properly.  We do stop and waste replacements every spring.  We are happy to make your repair and we’ll even do the excavation!

If you notice a spike in your water bill, water seeping through your foundation, or extra soggy spots in your yard, you may be in need of a water line repair or replacement.  Common repairs are bad stop and waste valves or backflow devices, but sometimes metal service lines can develop pinhole leaks that turn into larger issues.  

Whether you need a simple repair or a complete replacement we can handle the job.  We offer excavation services as well as trenchless waterline replacements, which prevent the need to disrupt your landscape.  Either way you can just sit back and let us handle it.

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